Karen Aguilar
Best shop went in and got a delta 8 pro and the manager and staff are the best!
Chang Kim
Christina Linn
This place is amazing! Their products are the best and they have great customer service!!!
christina linn
This place is amazing! Their products are the best and they have great customer service!!!
Mark Whitter
Amazing products and staff. Very helpful. Love the apple peach sour by Finest.
Krissy Cooper
Wide selection of vapes including CBD, can’t wait to try more of the products that are available!
Ben S.
Super helpful. Great people. There are four other places I can buy from in the area that are closer, but I'm gonna be going here from now on because they genuinely give a shit
Berdj M.
This place is amazing. I signed up for their rewards program and instantly received a free juice. Amazing staff and product lines. Owner also gave me some swag and samples.
Jason E.
The best service and products you can find! It's my go to for all my vaping needs. Staff is friendly and very helpful.
The prices are very fair, management is amazing,the staff are incredible, large variety of juice, devices, disposables and CBD. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. The owners are very fair and treat they're staff with respect. Chris is very knowledgeable and kind, if you have any questions, he's your man to ask, and with the clover rewards program I got a free vape disposable, and the perks just keep on coming. Right now I'm only a free points away from another free vape. Excellent store for all your vaping needs!!!
Jason ensel
Hands down best vape shop in California! Friendly staff and helpful the store is filled with all top notch vapes and accessories.
Maxwell Schwandt
Came into the shop and asked for something to relax my body and muscles. Chris, the owner, suggested CBD MD flavor packets. I got the strawberry flavored; and just added one packet in my glass of water right before bed and I felt rejuvenated. I woke up relaxed, calm, and in better spirits than usual. Will be buying this product again, maybe in a different flavor. Thank you Chris!
Ejmin O.
This place is amazing Chris and the employees always do an amazing job on taking care of my vape needs I will be definitely coming back
Francis D.
The owner's really nice, the store's packed with other merchandise so you'll get what you need! It has the best deals in town!